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  • About | whiskdesigns

    ABOUT Whisk Designs was conceptualized and established in the summer of 2013. We began with a line of paper products that was born as a passion project that merely consisted of original sketches finished in either charcoal, watercolor, or both. What started out with just a line of correspondence cards has made a natural progression into creating more and more products such as gift tags, wraps, notepads and many more. ​ We do love our flowers: those complicated curves and complex gradient of colors make each and every petal glorious as they are. And, in such a speeding world where everything can be achieved with a touch of a button, we still believe that the art of a good handwritten note should never go out of style. A bloom or two on paper wouldn't hurt, either. Take our signature charcoal-illustrated cluster of flowers you see on our site and our packaging: if you release one piece after another from the clutch that holds them together, you will be left with individual blooms. However, our signature isn't made of flowers. They are actually artichokes, whisked together along with stems of leaves here and there, to form what they eye perceives as a bouquet. ​ 2015 was when Whisk Designs expanded with its designs and product line. More subtle designs were added into the mix and we were slowly inching our way into the home front with a line of valet trays, placemats and table napkins. It was also the year when we launched our Children's department, which we have been slowly expanding. In 2016, we expanded the Home category furthermore with ceramics, and inevitably added Cups and Saucers, whose demand in the market is extremely high. The Whisk Designs brand, once synonymous with personalized stationery, is now expanding beyond sheets of paper. Eight years later, we launch IMPRENTA, a collection which includes made-to-order clothing suitable to tropical climates, and everything else that you can wear on you. We have become a concept e-commerce store, bringing fresh blooms from your desk to the rest of your home everyday. ​ ​ Welcome to Whisk Designs. CONTACT US Thank you for your inquiry! Please give us up to 24 hours (except for weekends and holidays) to get back to you. Submit

  • Monogram Guide | whiskdesigns

    MONOGRAM RULES A monogrammed item--stationery, robe, pouch , virtually anything--gives it a much more personal touch. It makes it distinctive, created especially for you. And it's just really pretty. ​ Traditionally, it is comprised of the two to three initials of your name (the first, middle and last names). They are usually intertwined with each other, but more modernized versions and streamlined fonts have made it possible for the letters to be separated from each other, making it look cleaner and crisper. ​ So before you add any of our items in your cart, remember that personalized items cannot be returned, so here's a little guide to help you with how you want to style your--and maybe your spouse's--initials. Individual Monogram (Single Initial) A C Anna Bautista Cruz (First Name Monogram) Anna Bautista C ruz (Last Name Monogram) Individual Monogram (3 Initials) A C B ABC A nna B autista C ruz (First, Last, Middle) A nna B autista C ruz (First, Middle, Last) A C A nna ​ C ruz (First Name Last Name) Couple Monogram (3 Initials) (Wife's name always comes first.) A C D BC A nna & D avid C ruz (Wife's First Name, Married Last Name, Husband's First Name) Bautista & C ruz (Wife's Last Name & Husband's Last Name) C C ruz (Marries Last Name)

  • Shop Bespoke | whiskdesigns

    BESPOKE We at Whisk Designs love our prints--so much so that we have made their way to walls (and furniture, cabinets, etc.). ​ For more information, or to get a quote, please send us an email at To see our Prints, click here . ​ ​ ​ ​ Featured design on 3-panel cabinet (right): Red Pence

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